Isn’t she cute? One of my subjects.

I’m not going to bombard you guys with posts about stores and how they’re great constantly, I’ll do that but not in an overwhelming manner. Consider this blog post a small break from that fiasco, a refreshing scenery from the usual norm. During my trip to the Philippines, I found some opportunities to take photos as I roamed about town despite my busy schedule. They’re not much, but they’re something. (more…)

The Wonders of MUJI


The MUJI store in SM Mall of Asia

If you backtracked to my previous blog posts, I talked about posting a few of my hauls in SM Mall of Asia. Well, this is it. It’s here. Before I get to the more, “girlier things”, I wanted to start the first of many posts with the store that Winnipeg should have: MUJI. MUJI is a Japanese company that sells a lot of things — from consumer goods, to office/school supplies, household items, and even clothing. They are what I call a lifestyle brand, especially when you start considering just how many areas their merchandise accommodates. (more…)

Local Discoveries: Royal Canoe

Okay, seriously, why haven’t I heard of you guys before?

I love music. It inspires, it invigorates, it unleashes the mind. Music is poetic in its soothing, complicated ways. It’s an amazing thing, really. I listen to mostly any form of the substance, I keep my mind open because I like to discover, and these discoveries led me into appreciating this band that called themselves Royal Canoe. If this is your first time hearing about Royal Canoe, don’t worry — you’re not alone. In fact, I’m with you, shamefully, and them living here in Winnipeg adds more pain to it. To keep it simple, Royal Canoe is a  band of six wonderful members who make the most interesting, unique, and inventive music out there.  (more…)

SM Mall of Asia and the Betrayal of the Shopping Creed

Lady just chilling by the MAC boutique, taking a photo of the Forever 21 mannequin.


Hello everyone! Yes, I vanished. For a while. Don’t kill me! School’s been busy, and I’ve just recently traveled due to very particular afffairs. I am currently under the curse of jetlag and piling homework, but I figured it’s time to reawaken some life back into this blog.

My very quick visit to the Philippines was very occupied, but that wouldn’t stop me from dropping by at one of the biggest malls in the country: SM Mall of Asia. If you haven’t heard of SM Mall of Asia, it’s a mall located in Pasay and owned by SM Prime Holdings, a company who built malls in almost every part of the Philippines (obviously an exaggeration, but you get my point). SM Mall of Asia is a pretty big deal if you’re the kind of shopper on the hunt for international brands. I swear, at least seven of the brands you see at The Bay has a boutique version in this mall — as well as brands that don’t appear in this part of North America. It’s ginormous, and if I only had more of that precious time I needed — I could’ve explored it through and through.


Comic Con Haul: Day 2


Finally got a print from one of my idols: Tommy Castillo, signed by the man himself!

Today was the last day of Comic Con. Although it is indeed a sad thing, I am also relieved because it gives me a reason to stop spending on art supplies. It’s crazy what two days can do to your budget – - I can only wonder how much was spent by the people who went on all three days.  Shudder, shudder, shudder. (more…)

C4 Comic Con Haul: Day 1


New pieces to my investment!

Happy Comic Con friends! As you may know, Comic – Con officially opened yesterday! Today was my first day as a volunteer, and even though that part of my day was super fun – - nothing can beat the delight of spending some money (yes, I’m a girl like that).


A Tour Around CBC Winnipeg!


Wet snow season :(

Okay, I guess the initiative of me finally popping out of nowhere takes me off from my apparent, indefinite hiatus.

I’m not going to lie to you, this school year is definitely overwhelming. Fundraisers, grad, school work, applications — they’re all over my head right now! But seeing how I am still alive, surviving and hopefully sane tells me that things are still okay. After all, if I look back to this post years and years from now — my problems at the moment would probably be child’s play comparing to whatever I’ll be facing with in the far, unforeseeable future. I have so much to tell you guys: my trip to America, my new obsessions, sketches over my busy summer — and many more. Having no laptop makes my blogging life a million times harder (and inconvenient), but thanks to a certain someone who constantly motivates me to write — I finally have found my will, again.

While I sort out the other posts, I figured I should start with something more current. How current? Pretty current. This is the first time in a long time that I blogged about something that actually happened on the same day (disregard the fact that it is midnight, let me have my moment)! I usually do it the day after, but since I’m also doing a blog post for one of my classes this term — why not? I have time, sort of.  (more…)