Bread with Avocado and Cheese!

First off, you need your avocados. Thanks to the days I used to play Cooking Mama — I learned how to open one.

I’ve been meaning to make these in a while, and fortunately, I spotted some avocados hiding in the darkest corners of my fridge (no, they aren’t spoiled)! Happily, I took them out and searched for a recipe. It’s a fairly simple thing to make, although I made a few changes.

I seasoned the avocados the way I make my guacamole, so I ended up with this blend.

It’s supposed to be toasted, but I’m not really a -huge- fan of toasting bread (and cleaning the toaster) so I opted for the microwave. The existence of fancy grain breads in this house became extinct long time ago, because my family fell in love with this bread called monay — a kind of Filipino bread roll that’s a bit sweet, and a bakery called Jimel’s that makes them deliciously. It was quite a good combo.

Applying it on sliced monay glazed with sharp cheddar.

Done! Adding more cheese on top is entirely optional!

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