Zero Dark Thirty

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At the nearing end of day of my father’s birthday, we still had one more stop to go: the movies.

I haven’t been in the theatre in a while, actually, after the people in this household except me started getting the flu and turned into walking and coughing zombies — outings haven’t been as frequent. In fact, I contributed with some of the grocery shopping. Which would’ve been fun, if the weather was more accomodating to people like me.

But unfortunately, it wasn’t.

So here we were, in the theatre — last full show. Since Zero Dark Thirty was showing for a while now, I didn’t expect the theatre to be packed. But it was. Some even walked about with bags of popcorn, or those little magazines Cineplex had by the vendos. I sat through the trailers, finding Oblivion and The Lone Ranger particularly interesting (not because I can be little Johnny Depp bias, but really, it’s interesting!).

The movie soon started.

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From what was showed in the trailer, I was packed in a mindset that the heroine of the story “Maya” wouldn’t go all Jason Bourne through the course of the movie — and I was right. Though it was classified as a spy thriller, expecting Maya to run around with a gun,¬†kicking guys with choreographed karate moves and shady bad guys wouldn’t make it “authentic”. With this, the film was presented in a series little shorts that demonstrated the whole process of the search of Osama Bin Laden. In short, don’t expect character development. The movie is about Bin Laden, not Maya.

Jessica Chastain as Maya. (Photo from

But of course, that doesn’t mean Maya is just a notch in the bedpost. She plays a significant role in this whole mission.

The movie starts a little slow, but it keeps the viewer’s attention by the occasional tensions here and there. What I liked the most, was the intro that presented the 9/11 call recordings. It might be disturbing for some, but it sets your mood to this really, eerie and exciting vibe. I mean, technically, these are dead people talking — and the man who killed them is what the movie is all about. It makes one more curious and intrigued on how they did it.

Infiltrating Bin Laden’s hideout. (Photo from

I was really curious about the how and why it took 10 years, but if you put it all together — it does makes sense, to be honest, taking into account Bin Laden’s talent in hide and seek. Throughout the film, our CIA heroine Maya proved to be headstrong, determined, and even obsessed. When I say obsessed, I do mean obsessed. She took on the search of Bin Laden, and embraced it — dedicating a good chunk of her life investigating what she can of it. That, my friends, is what you call dedication.

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There were even some points in the story, where she had to carry on some unprofessional dialogue, and some questionable occurences. Whether it be true or not, I don’t really care. She seems so badass already! I mean, you’re taking on a terrorist — what’s more to that? Plus, if some of the dialogues were just there for “Hollywood effect”, I completely understand. If it was entirely non-fiction, Bigelow should’ve just stamped it as a documentary. Movies need drama, even the ones based from true events.

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Kyle Chandler as Joseph Bradley, talking to Maya. (Photo from

As for the acting, I thought Jessica Chastain (Maya) did a good job in acting out her role. For her to deserve her award, that I cannot judge too well since I’ve not seen the other nominees of that Golden Globe. Although, I think she exhibited the character the way she would’ve been. Especially after the whole ordeal with Bin Laden was done, and the fact that you have successfully killed a person dawned on you — I wager the face she had would be one that one would have after 10 years of hard work. Suddenly, it pays off, and you couldn’t believe how it even did.

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All in all, I liked this film. Thought there is room for questionable plot holes (like how the helicopter suddenly crashes, and the neighbours didn’t hear), it was worth my two hours and 30-something minutes. Zero Dark Thirty gives you an insight on the whole fiasco with Osama Bin Laden, and the struggles of a CIA agent to pursue her goal to go after him. I recommend this movie!

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