The Doctor — Re-imagined

I forgot to take photos of the drafting stage, so here is about 2/4’s the work; pre-shaded with Copics N1 and N2.

A few days ago, I decided onto drawing The Doctor again. Not only is he a badass multiplayer character/NPC from the Assassin’s Creed 2 era, he’s also really fun to draw. From the mysterious eyes to the bird-like beak, this man never fails to make an impression. Coincidentally, I was inclined to test out if I can darken my red Copic with my greys — which gives The Doctor a more of chance to be drawn again. 

Instead of the old apporach, I wanted to add a taste of sinister. Since you can’t see his face, it really makes a statement when something horrific is done to something to emotionless. Due to the mask, we are unable to see his real expressions — and I like that, it’s mysterious. Mysterious is good, especially when done in red and grey colours. After finishing the tradtional half of the piece, (as usual) I imported it onto my photo-editing program to make my touch-ups. Minor touch-ups. With the help of technology, I was able to get the dramatic look I wanted and with content — I punched in the watermark.

Done deal.

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