Flu On, Flu Off


The fickle season has led my immune system to disastrous casualties. I’ve been having on/off flu for the past few weeks now — and I’m not liking one single bit of it. My immune system’s rate of performance has been both increasing and decreasing, and with my life getting busier and busier day by day — it’s becoming a hassle. One minute I’m fine, the second I’m carrying around a box of tissue and sneezing away my woes. It’s not fun being sick, and since I strive to be a more productive member of society — things likes this piss me off. So much to do, so little energy.

Since the morning, I’ve been trying to restore myself with healthy food (I had spicy noodles for breakfast, oh well) — but even my appetite was failing. Apples tasted bland, cheese barely tasted like anything, and the only thing that proved any significance in flavour was spicy noodles and Pringles — the junk tasted good, THE JUNK. Tuesday was kind to me —  for school didn’t demand much of my failing system, but I have a long day upcoming tomorrow and I have to get started…

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