The Quarantine

“Food” for the sickly blogger. Though Mcdonald’s isn’t a wise option, I can’t deny how good the McBistro is — I thank the mother for this purchase.

Recovering from the Low Grade Fever, it was time to face the reality of my sickness.

Riding the roller coaster ride of feeling good and feeling bad, I had to face the reality last night: I have to stay home. It’s not an instant decision, it was a heart-wrenching, thought-provoking option that I had to fight forever for because I didn’t want to miss a day of school. As years pass and I get older, one day is worth a lot. It’s not your typical middle school scenario in which where you miss a day, but it’s alright because your class has been doing origami all day anyway! It’s not like that anymore, unfortunately. Today was hard for me, there were things I had to do and group works to be done. Good friends of mine told me it’s for the betterment of both my failing health and my health in general. There is an unhealthy obsession¬†associated with my schoolwork lately that is getting me a little worked up, and with this sickness — it’s wise to take a break.

My room is filled with meds, my bag is filled with meds, there are meds everywhere in my house. It’s like I’m living in a pharmacy, and this would be more of a comfortable set-up if there was an infinite supply of tissue with a garbage can in every corner. I’m sneezing and I’m coughing my lungs off — I’m a walking virus. Here I am, at home — fighting for strength and recovery, which is not doing so well since I’m experiencing a headache as of the moment while typing this up.

Being sick feels so disabling, I couldn’t do the things I want to do — and that’s frustrating.

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