“ABRIDGED” is Now Open!


Okay, maybe after a while… I decided to make another Tumblelog.

Before you all panic, no — I’m not converting to Tumblr, but I’m going to use Tumblr to compliment this comfy little home I call Adventures On A Rocketship. It will be more of a brain barf blog — pictures, quotes, short drabbles that I cannot write in lengthy paragraphs and personally taken photos. If anything, I think we can all agree that Tumblr is quite addicting and I admit that I am — very much, so I decided to make it compliment this blog by being a Pinterest/Wordpress cross-breed.

Aside from reblogs and the random things I find in the jungle of Tumblr, the blog features a “Logs” session where short entries made by me are posted. These are things I cannot elaborate in a paragraph for… It is what it is. Blurbs, similar to my tweet feed — mostly to add character to it, and not make it a blog drowned in reblogs. Also, certain posts/photos from here will be promoted there too!

So if you follow me on Tumblr (which I hope you will), look to the right-hand side of this post and look for the hot pink button with the words “Follow Me On Tumblr” and give it a clicky. It shall lead you to the Tumblelog shortly!

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