The Unprepared Baker: Oreo Truffles

Finished product.

Aside from my pretty successful lemon cupcakes, I decided to embark on another journey. But this time, it’s easier. No bake, just a little heating of certain ingredients. Core theme? Oreos. Yes, Oreos. It all started when I saw my friend Ariana’s truffles on Instagram, and I was piqued with curiosity. My first question was, “How did you make that?”. It was an interesting-looking treat! From looking at it, it seemed to look complicated. But it just seemed complicated, making it was dead easy.

Crushing the Oreos with a potato masher.

If anything, do not underestimate the potato masher. I tried the Ziploc-smashing-style method, but adding the method of crushing it with a potato masher makes all the difference.  It’s not as fine as the food processor, but it’s enough to make a somewhat-fine texture — good enough!

Buttercream icing!

Mixing the icing along the crumbs.

I might have put too much icing, but it made this really nice cookies and cream-like flavour. I didn’t have cream cheese icing, unfortunately, so buttercream was my only resort.


Using an ice cream scooper, I made an estimated measure by scoop. Then, we roll these into a ball and set them down a cookie sheet. I had no parchment paper, so I set them on the non-stick cookie sheet to sit.


Rolled up.

With half a pack of semi-sweet chocolate and a few tablespoons of shortening, I melted some chocolate into a saucepan for dipping. I also had another saucepan with melted white chocolate for drizzle!

Finished product.

My drizzle wasn’t as thick as it should be, but it still created a satisfactory effect. While the chocolate was still cooling, I drizzled the Oreo crumbles I reserved beforehand. Now, I have these pretties — and they were quite yummy too!

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