Lennard Taylor’s Fashion Show

The design on this ticket is just beautiful.

Talk about being one week delayed.

This week was full of due dates, labs, tests, and basically — it was quite hectic. But there was something about last Saturday that is worth talking about — regardless of the delay in tale-telling: I went to a fashion show. Yes, a fashion show. In fact, it was my first fashion show in my whole entire existence! Was I excited? Yes, I was more than excited — I was thrilled. It was an event full of glamour and creativity! Being part of the fashion industry was an old dream of mine, and going to something like this was pretty awesome.

A photo with Lennard Taylor + the lovely ladies I went with. (I’m the black-clad lady at Lennard’s right.)

The designer? A man named Lennard Taylor — a local designer residing here in Winnipeg! At first look, I didn’t really know what Lennard had to offer in terms of style but I knew he made a lot of jeans. At least, that’s what it also seem to look like — there were a lot of jeans, and a few racks of tops. This was the first time I’ve heard of Lennard Taylor, and this was the first time I got the feel of the Winnipeg fashion industry.

I love these holsters!

I love these little notes he wrote!

The show was held inside a church, which I believe can also be used as a place to hold events. Shoes weren’t allowed, and a theme was set by the little supply of lights that surrounded the place. Also, if I should note — the seats were arranged in a weird way. Some were facing towards the wall, and some focused at the middle of the space where a small stage was placed with a gong beside it. The whole set-up was puzzling at first, but it’s done that way for a reason right? With that in mind, the girls and I just sat down to watch the show unfold.

Champagne, people of different sorts, and a lot of wandering cameras. This night was very fascinating! It was a side of Winnipeg I didn’t know existed (I sound like a hermit, but it’s 100% true — this place has hidden treasures!). I did my part in taking photos too and it was extremely worth it — but I saved most of my film for the real deal.

The show started. A hooded man walked up to the small stage and started ringing the gong — slowly, the models followed. They circled him, following the rhythm of the sound. The crowd watched — intrigued, mystified, and excited. All I could think about was: What happens next? My question was answer quickly as they began parting away from the circle — walking a pathway towards a smaller stage positioned in front of where we sat (the chairs turned away from the man and the gong). They stayed there — long enough for us to photograph them till the beat of the sound told them to leave and resume rotating around him.

I just love the “Matrix feel” this gives me.

Coat + Headpiece = Divine.

I can see her cardigan being a popular style in the upcoming Spring weather. The material is just fab.

The guy’s sweater is very modern looking — reminds me of Desmond Miles’ sweater in Assassin’s Creed, while the girl gives me this very chic Victorian feel. I LOVE her dress!

These photos are just some of my favourites of the night, but overall? This collection gave me this steampunk-modern-victorian-sci-fi feel. Basically, it had most of the types of themes I appreciate very much. I loved the way it was presented, I loved all the clothes, I especially like the way Lennard incorporated his signature holsters (if anything, he changed the way I looked at these babies — now I really, really want one). It didn’t look cowboy-esque or anything, rather, he made these holsters look really cool. Kind of like, “Hey, this could work with this!” without making it country-like. It was slick and sexy.

That factor among many other factors, made me more intrigued with Lennard Taylor.

Severely impressed, I approached Lennard after the show. I have to say — it was HARD talking to him. Why? Everyone wants to talk to him. I couldn’t blame him though — that collection was impressive! It really was! For my first fashion show, he really packed a punch. The idea behind these pieces of clothing led me to asking him what his inspiration was, and there I found out that it was emotionally-based. I thought that was pretty neat, because people get more affected by creations with heart — art and emotion go together. There was dedication in these items  – and I felt it, that’s what led me to talk to him before I left.

Scored a photo with two models! Haha!

Overall, the Lennard Taylor fashion show was pure goodness. I soaked in so much creativity that night. He made a mark on me and left me very, very impressed. Also, this event opened doors for me! Aside from the variety of people that I met, I also met his mentor — Alex Espinosa, who, I met again a few days ago at Divine & Conquer. Alex was just the nicest, he was so warm and welcoming! Also, his dresses were gorgeous! Hopefully someday, I’ll have the privilege of walking around sporting their designs! Support the locals everyone, they’re hidden gold!


  1. Love your Blog. It is well written.
    Keep up the good work and thank you so much for coming to Designer’s Night with Alex Espinosa at Divine & Conquer.

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