May 14: Pre-Birthday Dinner

You can say that I may be too advanced for my own good.

It’s a good thing — at least in my perspective — I wanted the coming long weekend to be free just in case my parents had something up their sleeves. Ever since I told Ria to stop planning my birthday parties (she’s a dear like that), I’ve been taking them out for dinner instead. My treat of course, I think it’s the best way to bribe them — with free food. Food, that I particularly enjoy quite well: Mongo’s.

As you all know, I’ve boasted quite a bit about how good I find this restaurant. It’s not only good — it’s fun! I love the experience and how it all plays up in every bowl you have. The price was worth it, and you won’t be disappointed. The staff is nice and if you’re new — they give you a little tour of how it all goes down! So I thought to myself, “Why don’t I take them here? At Mongo’s?” Only one friend from my circle has been to Mongo’s besides me, and it would be a delight to take them somewhere with an interesting dining experience. I love food, I really do.

Them and their foodies that are waiting to be cooked.

From the photo above, you can see that they very much invested a good portion with noodles. I, on the other hand had no noodles last night (I was the hipster, yes) — instead, I recreated my “Vegan” BBQ blend and added some of the prime rib that they had. The process of the food arranging was easier to explain than I thought — and everyone got it on their first try.

My usual “vegan” BBQ, now with prime rib. So it is now a “not-so-vegan” BBQ.

Gaby and her plate (with a mountain of noodles)!

More foodies!

Thankfully, everyone liked their food bowls (I was honestly expecting someone to over-season, someone did actually — but that’s a story for another day). They tried the different spices and sauces offered, but only Kiefer and I had a another round (you can have as many bowls as you want!) — everyone else was full. My second bowl was infested with prime rib — it was too good to have only once.


More friends.

After all the eating, my friends brought over some gifts for my pre-birthday party. They were all so lovely! Thank you, thank you so much for all these pretty things!

Sidewalk hobos.

My wonderful friends felt awkward staying after finishing the food, so we didn’t have too much of conversation — so we took pictures instead. Where? Outside of Mongo’s, where, the beautiful sunshine (only the sunshine, not the heat) resides and provides some gorgeous lighting. It was perfect. Props to Kiefer for being our temporary photographer!

Our only boy, Kiefer, had to leave soon — which meant that he won’t be getting any ice cream. The friends (since I’m spoiling them today), demanded ice cream from one of my favourite ice cream shops in town — Supreme Ice-Cream Shoppe. They have some really good gelato!

There’s a lot of more to choose from than these!

This is “one” scoop. It’s a lot more than it looks like! Trust me! I’m just holding it in a bad angle! Also, this yummy flavour is espresso~

Thirty minutes of ice cream heaven later, it was time to retire and say our goodbyes. I was glad that they had fun — especially with all the food from Mongo’s plus the ice cream. The happiest was me — I was glad that even though not everyone could make it, there were still people who can. They were the best and their presence was what made the night much happier (I can be sentimental, okay), thank you guys for coming!

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