Living Local at Osborne!


Today was an unexpected adventure.

After failing to go to the zoo (again), we decided to give Plan B a try — a trip to Osbourne. Yes, Osbourne. As a resident of this part of Canada, Osbourne to me was a place I pass by. I never really had a chance to explore this part of the city — sad, but the current oppurtunity made me excited.

My initial plan was just to drop by Kawaii Crepe and have a taste of their much talked-about crepes, but all that changed when we saw Unburger sitting across the street. My Winnipeg-savvy mates have told me about Unburger, and the sight of it made Kawaii a to-follow dessert object.


Bison burger!

Unburger supports the locals so this baby has fresh meat, fresh ingredients — fresh everything! Oh, and did you know you can have it with bison meat for an additional few bucks? My cheddar burger is equipped with bison meat and I’m happy to say it’s DELICIOUS!


Cheesecake Crepe

Next, the promise of going to Kawaii Crepe has been accomplished! The store is very cute and bubbly — not to mention, the furniture is very adorable. The crepe above is a cheesecake crepe — these things are humongous! Worth the money!

My gloomy Saturday became brighter! Shall be coming back here again!

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