The Death of Emily Kaldwin — A Dishonored One Shot

She looked just like her.

Her eyes, her voice, the way she smiled — she is basically everything Jessamine was. However, — according to those who knew — claim that she took after him. Her mischief, they say, and the way she makes a face looks terrifyingly like the way he would. But in truth, Corvo didn’t really know. In fact, he’ll never really know. For him, Emily Kaldwin will always resemble the woman he had always loved — the late empress of this realm, the mother of this very child! She was the living, breathing, joy that she left him — a gift that they created together.

It hasn’t been long since she passed, the years crawled like ages and Corvo could still remember her face like it was yesterday. There was a shadow of a smile on her face when he held her, as her life withered away in the seconds. Despite the malice brought upon her, Jessamine softened as she lay there cradled in his bloodied arms. Corvo knew at that moment she forgave him — despite failing what he swore to do from the start.

In his vengeance, he had placed her successor in the throne — the one precious memory she fondly reminded him of. But the chaos had toll on her youthful innocence, and Corvo partly blames himself for not dealing with it rather logically. He became too angry to care or realise, that he could build the highest mountain from the amount of corpses he had slain — unaware of the effects it had to the child and what can become of her.

The plague has worsened over the years because of this and whatever Emily was, was just now nothing but a shadow of who she is now. The young lady was bold and tough — ruling with an iron fist clenched like she could punch the strongest of rocks. She didn’t trust anyone — anyone that’s not Corvo at least. The chain of betrayal and violence she experienced immediately after her mother’s murder, made her wary about everyone else. Emily didn’t trust their council, and would often consult his word in the end of the day before deciding.

It was then and there, where he realised the dangerous circumstances he made her go through during the time he tried to avenge her mother. It was far too late for him to realise that even though he could kill them all again and again — it would never bring Jessamine back. Now, he destroyed what she took care of the most: Emily, their precious Emily — his only daughter.

But Corvo will stand with his word, despite the damage that’s been done — he will give what is left of his blasted life to protect her, to keep her safe. He will stand by her, day by day, beside this very throne she sat on as she faced each day bravely — like a warrior in a battle for a lifetime.

“Corvo?” Emily’s voice lifted from the heavy air, her eyes still darted across the throne room — awaiting whatever comes through that open door.

“Yes?” He replied huskily, still caught in the net of his own thoughts.

They’re all dead… Right?” She asked him this question every day, and Corvo knew that till this day — no matter how many years have passed — Emily could never forgive them. She killed them herself — in her dreams of every night — she would mutter and mutter the way she would when she was much younger. But the words were different now, and Corvo often hear her curse at them when he watched her sleep.


As the thought lingered, he found Emily turning his way with a slip of a smile dancing subtly against her lips. There was a comfort in her face, the same comfort Jessamine had during her passing — a solemn, unspoken message. Every time his daughter looked at him that way, he knew she had forgiven him as well. She already did — a long time ago, but Corvo was never quick to do the same for himself. But Emily always assured him, day by day she did, even if the world around her changed her — she loved him all the same.

He was the only one she had left.


I found it  ironic to write this piece, because I’ve never played Dishonored in High Chaos. But I have a sad habit of running into spoilers, and I found out what kind of ending you get in High Chaos. It was an interesting way to end things, and last night — for some reason — I decided to write a little piece dedicated to it. I called it the “Death” of Emily Kaldwin, because what happened during those event in the game really affected her bubble personality. It was a different kind of death — a far more damaging one I should say. 

Plus, I’ve meant to write for a while and I also wanted to update this blog after a long time of hiatus. So, why not post it here? Also, I believe that Corvo is her father — she looks like him! 

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